Stargazing Bigfoot Nighttime Adventure

  • Joseph to Middle of Nowhere

  • approx 1.5 Hour

  • 6 Mile Round Trip

  • $50 / Guest
    $25 / Jump Seat

  • Departs: Dusk, see times below

  • Limited Time Offering

    We plan to offer this trip again next season, it's lots of fun...

About this trip...

Enjoy this spooky pedal led by world renowned Bigfoot expert Professor Bravehart. You'll journey through the crisp night air along the dimly lit valley floor at the base of the silhouetted Wallowa Mountains.

With lots of fresh air, and a good possibility of "wildlife" sightings this trip is an amazing adventure.

Your trip begins connected with other Railriders as a train. You'll start with a Wallowa River crossing (not that you'll be able to see much of it, but you'll hear it) and then ventures into a nice creepy area flanked by dense pine forest.
Beyond the forest the rails lead you into the wide open valley with (hopefully) a vast clear starry sky overhead.

You'll spend 10 minutes lounging and enjoying the sky as we turn your cars around and then you will be by your lonesome as you make your way back to Joseph.

This trip takes place in the dark and will be primarily lit by head lamp. It can be spooky.

Guests with children:
Children must be age 2 and up to ride but this trip is best suited for children ages 5 and up. Ultimately its up to the guardian.
This event is Rated PG and can be spooky but is generally a family friendly adventure.

💡 Important Tips
•  The sun will have set and temperatures will be cool so it should make for a very pleasant pedal but come prepared for cold temps.
  Colder evenings will feel like exercising in the cold on your return trip.
•  This trip has a gentle yet consistent downhill grade to our mid-point in the Valley. It is a gentle uphill grade back to Joseph.
   A relaxed pace is key, you will not need to pedal much on the downhill porition.
  Your return trip will be slow and steady as you take your time pedaling back to Joseph.
•   Most of our guests complete this trip without assistance if they follow these guidelines.
  However you may get assistance by our pedal hybrid electric assist system on our guide car if needed, we can only assist a limited number of cars.
  Our assistance option allows guests of a variety of fitness levels to enjoy this trip.

Seating Options

Please review the following seating options prior to booking
General Seating
  • These seats are our standard Railrider seat

  • Most children 8 years+ can properly reach the pedals, Children ages 4 to 7 may use these seats and will ride along without pedaling

  • These seats have lap style seat belts

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult

    How to Book:

    Select the number of General Seats needed for your group on the 1st page during booking.

    Avoid double booking:

    If you need a Jump Seat do not book both a General Seat ticket and Jump Seat ticket, only book the Jump Seat ticket for that guest.

Jump Seat
  • Non-Pedaling add on seat for Children ages 2 - 7

  • Add up to 2 Jump Seats per Two Seat Railrider

  • We have 6 Jump Seats available for our nighttime trips

  • 5-point or lap style seat belt depending on child size

    How to Book:

    Jump Seats will be offered on the 2nd page during booking. If you don't see one, they aren't available for that time.

    Avoid double booking:

    If you need a Jump Seat, do not book a Child Seat (0-15) ticket and a Jump Seat ticket. Only book the Jump Seat.

    Seating ExamplesJump Seat seating examples
Four Seat Railrider
  • For families with children or odd numbered parties only

  • Most Children 8 years+ can properly reach the pedals, Children ages 4 to 7 may also use these seats and will ride along without pedaling

  • We have 2 Four Seat Railriders available per time slot

  • These seats are our standard seats and have lap seat belts (All seats may pedal)

  • How to Book:

    Four Seat Railriders will be offered on the 2nd page during booking. If you don't see one, it's not available for that time.

    Avoid double booking:

    Jump Seats cannot be added onto our Four Seat Railriders.

    Seating Examples
    Four Seater Seating Examples

Review the following prior to booking

adult pair

Adult pairs will sit on Two Seat Railriders Together
However, if we are fully booked some pairs may need to share a Four Seat Railrider, this situation would be very rare and hasn't happened yet this season

No Animals Permitted
There is no safe way to transport an animal onboard a Railrider.
It is also strictly prohibited in our use contract with the Railroad, so ultimately it's out of our hands

Groups larger than two will be split between multiple Railriders
If your group is odd numbered and you have not reserved a Four Seat Railrider or Jump Seat if it applies, one person will share a Railrider with your guide.
Prefer a solo car? - You'll need to book two tickets for a private Railrider

Children must be age 2 and up
and must be accompanied by an adult, we reccomend this trip for children
ages 5 and up

This trip is rated PG
It may be spooky for little ones, but is generally a family friendly adventure

Safety Reminder: There is a 300lb / 136kg weight limit per each seat.
This is a limitation of our equipment and to ensure your safety it is a rule we cannot bend
Don't be late, Arrive 25 minutes prior to your departure time
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Hold the "SHIFT" key, and click the reload button on your browser and this should sort things out.

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Complete your booking first.
Then follow the waiver link in your confirmation
email or use the button above to sign your waiver

Completing your waiver ahead of time expedites
check-in and reduces touch points in our depot.

Trip Specific Questions

↓ click question / item to expand ↓

If you enjoy potentially spooky, definitely fun, and certainly cheesy adventures this trip is for you!


This trip isn't good for infants or really young children. We would rate this experience as PG. It is family friendly but may be spooky.


We have a 300lb weight limit per seat.


You will meet with Professor Bravehart and learn some tips about Bigfoot. You will depart as a group connected as a train. You will have a couple stops along the way as you hunt for Bigfoot from the comfort of your Railrider.



At our midpoint you may carefully get off of your Railrider. This is a great time to stretch your legs as your guide turns around your Railriders. You will re-board after your guide rotates them for your return trip. And enjoy a 10-15 lounge under the stars. This is a great time let your guide know if you need a seat adjustment.


Return Leg

This is the "uphill" portion. It is a gentle yet consistent uphill grade back to Joseph. It will be nice and cool so this shouldn't be much trouble for anyone.

Pace is key, take it easy and the ride will be easier.


Home Base

Congratulations you made it! Checkout our souvenir shop and museum area in our office.

Don't forget to share pictures and stories of your adventure with friends and family.

Now it's time to decide which trip to conquer next. They are all special in their own way.

Storage is limited but there is room for some essentials.

*remember the more you bring the more you pedal

Essentials you should bring

  • Water / Sports Drink (every seat has at least one cup holder that will fit a standard 20 ounce water bottle)
  • Appropriate Outerwear (sweater, jacket, enclosed shoes, etc.) Please research your riding conditions so you come prepared, Joseph nights in the fall start to get chilly.
  • Picture Taking Apparatus (Camera, cellphone, goPro, whatever you have if it can take pictures in low light you might spot something worth capturing)

We offer drinks and snacks for sale at our Joseph departure site at reasonable rates.

Nice things to have

  • Smiles
  • Fun stories
  • Cash/card for souvenirs
  • A treat for your guide
  • Your guide will be armed with a tranquilizer rifle (not real) and bear spray (real) in case there are any unexpected visitors.

💡 Tips for a fun trip

It can still be quite cool here in Wallowa County in May and June and once September comes around it starts again so a jacket or windbreaker may be helpful.

Your brief midpoint stop in the middle of the Wallowa Valley is a great place to stretch your legs and sit back in your seat and soak in the stars.


Your guide will turn around the Railriders and will have everyone sit back down to lounge for about 10-15 minutes before the start of your return journey. There will be no restroom at the mid-point.

During the day, Joseph has all sorts of services; adventure, shopping, food, drink,  public restrooms, parks, motels,  lodges, BnBs, RV parks, and more.

Need Help Finding Lodging? CLICK HERE

Things to see and do in Joseph.

There is a lot to do in Joseph, we'll offer some of our favorites.

  • Ride with Joseph Branch Railriders, of course.
  • Take out a one-of-a-kind Glass Bottom Kayak with JO Paddle.
  • Soak in the Joseph main street Artwalk. Larger than life bronze statues occupy nearly every corner throughout town.
  • Explore the many wonderful shops and restaurants on Main Street offering everything from souvenirs to fine art and dining.
  • Visit Wallowology a science and natural history funseum that will immerse you in the natural history of Wallowa county.
  • Ready for more adventure? Seek out Winding Waters River Expeditions. There are thrills around every bend when you venture out on white water. They also offer fishing tours and rent recreational equipment.
  • Joseph is surrounded by some of the most astounding nature one can dream of. Visit the Forest Services' Wallowa Mountains Office for loads of info on great places to hike, camp, and explore.
  • Wallowa Lake State Park is a great place to explore, you can also enjoy the lake on the North side at the county park / boat launch.
  • History buff? Check out the Wallowa County Museum and the Maxville Heritage Center for a glimpse of Wallowa county past.
  • Wallowa Lake, spend time there, don't miss it if you can help it.
  • Also don't miss Joseph City Park. The brand new playground was hand built by the community of Joseph. We're super proud of it and we welcome you to enjoy it with us. There is a splash pad too that operates in the summer which is a great way to cool down.

That's a lot to soak in, but that's just scratching the surface of what Joseph and Wallowa County has to offer. Visit the Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce for more places of interest.

  • Arrive in Joseph See Map 20 minutes early
  • Visit restroom if needed
  • Provide your name to crew member
  • Sign waiver if you did not sign online
  • Listen to safety briefing
  • Get seat adjusted
  • Have fun!

    Road Crossings

    This trip requires you to cross three active road crossings in the dark, it is very important that you stop and look both ways before you cross and always keep your head lamp on.

    We do not have the right-of-way and people will not be looking for you so this needs to be taken seriously.


    Balance and uneven ground

    Most of your trip will be illuminated by head lamp. The ground surrounding the tracks is uneven and has lots of loose gravel. Walk slowly and watch your step.


    Insect Bites

    It's certainly possible to get some mosquito bites out there. We recommend using bug spray.

    If you have a serious allergy please come prepared with your EpiPen or medication if needed and notify your guide of your allergy prior to riding.


    Seat Belts

    A lap seat belt must be worn whenever your Railrider is in motion.



    We are not responsible for loss or damages due to the acts of "mythical creatures".