Hello there,

We’re the Nichols family. When we tell you that we treasure your support, we really mean it. You mean more to our family than you might realize. Thank you from our family to yours. Here is some info about our family… We moved to Joseph in 2016. We moved all the way across the country from Georgia. Every time we share that tidbit with a new friend they simply ask “Why?”. Well it’s generally a simple answer. Usually if we are outside we’ll turn and gesture at the magnificent Wallowa Mountains and point out the natural beauty of our area. But when we get down to brass tacks it really was because we were seeking a close-nit community to raise our children. We wanted to live somewhere where people have pride in their beliefs and their actions. With six children they generally are the driving force for most of our life decisions these days. Seeking those ideals is how we found Joseph.

Over the past decade Joseph’s economy has shifted to be primarily Tourism driven. A lot of places might not be super thrilled about that because sometimes some visitors don’t care much about taking care of places they visit because they’ll only be there for a short time. Unfortunately most major tourist areas show the result of this line of thinking and tend to be heavily littered and poorly taken care of. Joseph on the other hand has been lucky and sits on the opposite side of that norm. Joseph seems to have this magical effect on our visitors and it almost instantly earns the respect of anyone who steps foot on these grounds. Joseph just feels like home.

Robert started guiding for Joseph Branch Railriders in 2016 and by 2017 he was the manager.  There are a lot of amazing things to do in Wallowa county and scenic gems that many visitors miss out on when they visit our area. Railriders provides a one of a kind opportunity to sit back relax and have some good old-fashioned fun while exploring the areas that you can’t get to by car, the areas us locals hold dear.

We’re super stoked to offer this outing to our visitors and locals alike. We sincerely treasure each and every one of our customers. We understand what it takes to get to Joseph. We’re here to make you smile and to have a great time.

We look forward to hosting you and yours out on the rails!

-The Nichols Family-


We are the former owners of another unique Wallowa County business, it’s now owned by another great young family and they would love to meet you. You should definitely check them out!

JO Paddle – Glass Bottom Kayak Tours and Rentals

Looking for some more unique adventure? Visit JO Paddle www.jopaddle.com for a clearly amazing and unique adventure. They specialize in providing a one of a kind luxury recreational experience where our guests have the opportunity to explore our breathtaking beautiful Wallowa Lake above AND below the surface. It’s a fun peaceful activity great for everyone.

Choose from a variety of amazing special once in a lifetime tours, and awesome rental options. Spend some quality time breathing in the clean mountain air, soaking up the warm sun, or gasping at the stars on our majestic mountain lake. Seek out natural treasures, graceful fish, and enormous car-sized boulders hidden beneath the surface. JO Paddle is owned and operated by the Shoffner Family. www.jopaddle.com