Make Railriders Part of Your Adventure in the Wallowas

Photo by Eric W. Valentine
Photo by Eric W. Valentine

Visitors to Wallowa County quickly discover the wide range of unique experiences available within view of this amazing range of mountains. Plan a picnic on the rim of the continent’s deepest canyon. Ride a tramway to a cafe’ at 8,000 feet elevation. Watch hawks soar over a native-grass prairie. Sip craft beer or savor artisan chocolates beside a bronze cowboy. Pedal with a partner on an old railroad!

We love reading about adventures in Eastern Oregon and Joseph Branch Railriders! Check out these articles, published in the LA Times last summer. They were written by Robert Reid, a globe-trotting Portland-based travel writer and new fan of Eastern Oregon:

*Note* Some locations mentioned in the above article are no longer open for business.          i.e. Mutiny Brewing and the Lostine Tavern.

Catch Robert’s enthusiasm for travel around the world at Reid On Travel.