Cancellation Policy

  • Credit will  be  given for your  future visit if you must cancel.
  • No shows,  tardy, no refund.
  • No refund for Mother nature events.
  1. How do I make a reservation?  &  Do I need to make one? The best way to make a reservation is to do so on our site. Click the  button to check availability and make your reservation. Reserved tickets have priority.  Same day onsite tickets are limited to seat availability.
  2.  Where are you located?                                                                                    We are located in beautiful Joseph, Oregon. Our Ticket pavilion is located in front of 304 North Main Street, Joseph, Oregon 97846. The departure site is West on Alder Street travel three blocks to the rail road on the right at the base of the grain silos. Please do not disturb the Mountain Works Vacation Rental Home that is located behind our kiosk. Look for the Rail Road crossing sign. We are right next to Red Horse Coffee Shop and across from Simply Sandy’s (the place with all the metal yard art). Look on our location page for a map and more information.                                    
  3. How long does it take and how far do we go?                                     Our Joseph to Enterprise Round Trip takes two hours on average, depending on the group size.  We pedal six miles to Enterprise and then turn around and pedal back to Joseph. Round trip is 12 miles.
  4.  How do we turn around?  Do we have a guide?                                 We use a special  rotating platform to turn each Railrider around. We travel back the same way we came. You will have a guide and they will follow the group down to Enterprise and  turn the units around to prepare for the return trip.

5.   What do we do in Enterprise?                                                                   Once you arrive in Enterprise you will carefully get off of your Railrider and wait for the rest of the group and your guide to arrive. This is a great time to stretch your legs, use the restroom if needed, and enjoy the company of your fellow guests. Please stay near the Railriders so that you will be ready to board after they have been rotated for the return trip.

6. Are there any Size or Age restrictions?
Size: Our seats are adjustable for most heights. We ask that each guest weigh 285 pounds or less. Age: The Railriders are an all age adventure. We have had guests from infants to mid-eighty-year-olds ride the rails.  
Infants  may ride in a chest carrier if you are comfortable doing so. Infants and toddlers may also ride in their car seat that your guide will attach to a Railrider seat.  Please arrive a little early if need to use a car seat.  At your discretion your toddler can be buckled in the Railrider seat but they may not be able to reach the pedals. Every Railrider seat has a lap style seat belt. If your youngster is determined enough they may be able to wiggle out of the lap belt, if this is a concern we suggest using your car seat or booster seat for a more secure fit. Five year olds and older can usually reach the pedals.


  • Will I need to change gears and are any other skills needed?

Basically if you can sit and pedal you are good to go. Your Railrider is very similar to a recumbent bicycle. There are no gears involved, you may coast when needed, and each guest pedals independently. The brakes are simple, a push of a lever is all that’s needed to engage them. The Railrider is geared to assist with your return trip.


  • How strenuous is this activity? Are there any hills?
This is a two hour  self pedaled   round trip excursion.  Railriding is a physical sport that does require some effort. With that said however, all the pedals are free wheel.  Stronger guests can help less able guests if all agree to the arrangement. There is an average 1.5% downhill grade from Joseph to Enterprise. Be sure to relax on your way out so you have some extra energy to bring you back. Most guests are up to the physical task. If need be the guide can provide a limited number of Railriders with a pedal assist to help take the edge off on the return trip, guests receiving the assist will still need to pedal but it will be less challenging.


  • Can I bring my dog / pet?
We love dogs, but no,  it is not safe to take dogs or other pets on the Railrider. We have too many enticing cows and squirrels to chase and too many opportunities for your pet to get injured.


  • What is the minimum/maximum number of people on a Railrider?
Each unit seats up to two guests. (We have a couple four seaters on our Minam to Wallowa Day Trip)
We are capable of taking up to  21 people per departure.  Seating is first come first serve.  We make every effort to seat you with your party, let us know so that we can try to do that.  Depending on how many guests are scheduled,  you may be asked to share a unit with a new friend or your guide.

Cancellation and Rain Policy                                                                                 

  • Cancellations prior to 48 hours of your scheduled event will result in a credit for future reservations.
  • No shows or you are late, no refund.

No Mother Nature Refunds.              

Tours depart rain or shine. Usually the rains we get are not torrential and we’ve had many successful outings when the weather has predicted rain.  It is very rare to not go. We will reschedule the entire departure if needed.