Thank you everyone for joining us for our 2018 Season! We’ll see you next year.

      Come join the adventure!

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OPEN  May 18th – October 6th

Thursday – Monday (5 days a week)

Departures at 9am,  Noon,  & 3pm

We are CLOSED Tuesday and Wednesday

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Remember to bring plenty of water, a light jacket or sweater if needed, sun protection i.e. sunscreen, umbrella for portable shade, sun hat,  etc. There is no water refill at our midpoint in Enterprise so bring enough to last your trip.
We offer drinks, snacks, hoodies, and lots of other goodies for sale. Be sure to check out our souvenir shop at our departure site.

Click play to watch a video about the Joseph Branch.

Our Joseph departure site is located at 501 W Alder Street, Joseph.  At the base of the white grain silos on the right. Look for the long white tent and yellow signs.

Enjoy the unique experience of pedaling the inactive portion of the historic Joseph Branch Railway in Oregon’s beautiful Wallowa Valley.  Nature enthusiasts, birders, cyclists, and rail fans are sure to relish the peace and tranquility of one of two tour options or perhaps both. OR complete the trilogy with the Bay City to Tillamook two hour pedal on the Oregon Coast.  Learn more About Railrider Cycling.     Visit our FAQ page for answers to common questions we receive.

We do not allow animals to ride with you on your adventure. This is per the railroad rules and beyond our control.

For the safely of our guests the maximum weight allowed is 280 pounds per person. 

PLEASE READ & REVIEW the information provided on this website to ensure you fully understand the adventure you are taking on before booking.

  • 2 hour, 12 mile round trip departing at 9 AM, Noon, & 3 PM
  • Tickets: $26/Guest 12+,  $16/Guest under 12
    Book early for guaranteed seats, if available – tickets may be purchased on-site.
  • The tracks trek through forest and farmland, over creeks and marsh, with the majestic backdrop of the Wallowa Mountains
  • Great for guests of all ages, with the youngest in car seats. Typically (depending on leg length) children age 8 and up can reach the pedals to help and younger children are just along for the adventure.
  • It is important to understand that Railriding is an outdoor physical sport that does require effort to complete.  You will be exerting yourself at an altitude of 4150 ft. This is not an automatically propelled train ride. You will pedal and propel your individual Railrider.  Pedal assist from the guide is available upon request, you’ll let them know day of. (We do this using an electric motor. You must be able to and continue to pedal during the assist. It is not a push. It is designed to lighten the burden of pedaling for only a limited few Railriders at a time)
  •  Please read the additional details for option one below, and visit our Joseph Trip page to learn even more about this trip.


  • 6 hour, 26 mile round trip, with a 1 hour no host lunch break Departs at 9 am and typically returns before 3:30 pm
  • The tracks carve you through scenic timbered canyons along the magnificent Wallowa River as well as beautiful farmland with expansive views of distant mountains
  • Great for guests seeking a longer trip for a peaceful adventure, it’s a gentle grade & a great way to spend more time on the rails. There is no pedal assist on this trip.
  • Tickets: $52/Guest – 48 hour advanced reservations required
  • Please read the additional details for option two below, and visit our Minam Trip page to learn even more about this trip.

Booking A Reservation
Please use a “Book A Reservation” button to book your reservation online.  This is the most convenient method for booking as you will also agree to our wavier and will not need to complete one on site. If you require assistance with our online reservations please email (our preferred contact method) We will do our best to reply to your message during business hours. We are closed Tuesday and Wednesday.


Same Day Joseph Availability

For Same Day Availability Please call 541-786-6149 or visit us at least 25 minutes prior to your desired departure time.

Reserved  tickets have priority.  Onsite ticket sales are limited to seat availability as our rides fill up quickly.

You may buy tickets at our office located at 501 W Alder St, Joseph, Oregon. Not all navigation systems will bring you to us. We’re at the base of the tall white grain silos at the end of W Alder St. Look for the long white tent on the right hand side. Or call 541-786-6149. Please leave a message if you don’t reach us, it may take several rings to reach our voicemail. We will reply to your message during business hours.  We are closed Tuesday and Wednesday. If available; both same day and future tickets may be purchased at this location.

Additional Trip Details

OPTION ONE Joseph to Enterprise   2hr Round Trip                                Please be sure you understand this is indeed a physical adventure. With a leisurely pace most guests are able to pedal the average 1.5% grade back up to Joseph. However if needed your guide can provide a pedal assist by request to a limited number of Railriders on your return trip, you’ll tell your guide day of. You will be required to continue to pedal but the assist will lessen the challenge.  It is not a push. Keep in mind that you will be exerting yourself at a higher elevation than you may be used to.  Joseph is 4150 feet above sea level. It’s a good idea to conserve your energy to Enterprise and pace yourself on your return to Joseph. Setting a comfortable pace, pedal rhythm, and taking brief rests are key to keeping the return leg fun and enjoyable. You will be victorious upon arrival.

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult on their Railrider.  Young children may not be able to provide much help with pedaling if their legs aren’t long enough.  We can usually get them close enough to touch but not always to pedal. The typical age to be able to help is around 8 years old depending on the leg length.  Smaller children who can’t touch or are known to be a wiggle worm are best to use a car seat.  Most of our Railriders seat 2 guests. We do have limited 4 seat Railriders reserved for families with small children, due to weight limitations we cannot seat four adults on our 4 seat Railriders. Please email us if you would like to request a 4 seat unit for your family.  4 seaters will be utilized on a first come basis if not reserved ahead of time or will be used by those determined it will benefit the most at the discretion of your guide.

We do our best to keep family groups closer together but this does not always happen. Please keep in mind that there is usually 25 yards or more between the Railriders during the ride and there really isn’t any way to “stay together”. So if there ends up being another party separating your group it really wouldn’t make a difference either way. It’s best to enjoy your ride with those on your Railrider and share your experiences with the rest of the group when you regroup at our midpoint and the end of the ride.

Visit our FAQ page for answers to common questions. Each Railrider has a basket for small belongings and you are able to hang a backpack on the back of your seat.  Each seat has two cup holders that fit most 20 oz water bottles. Remember to bring water,  weather gear (sunscreen, umbrella, hat, jacket, etc), a camera, and your adventurous spirit.  CLICK HERE for specific details about this adventure and to learn more about things to see and do in Joseph.

JOSEPH CHECK-IN:  *** If you have prepaid please arrive 20 minutes prior to your departure.*** (25 minutes prior if your party requires the use of your car seat)

We will leave at our scheduled departure time. If you arrive significantly early you will have to wait until everyone else arrives before we depart. For your comfort we recommend arriving on time per the guidelines above.

If you have NOT PAID for your reservation please visit us at our Office at 501 W Alder Street in Joseph 25 minutes prior to your departure or anytime throughout the day prior to your departure if you would like to get your payment and paperwork out of the way.

OPTION TWO  Minam to Wallowa 6hr Round Trip                                                The route is a gentle 1% average grade up to Wallowa and then back down to Minam. Option two is designed for those guests seeking to spend more time on the rails. This trip is very peaceful and not terribly challenging.  A guide will travel with your group, they generally pedal by themselves. There is NO pedal assist on this trip. Setting a comfortable pace is key.  You will have a 1 hour no host lunch break in Wallowa.  Pack a small day pack with your lunch or visit one of the scrumptious cafés in Wallowa.  This trip is a  MUST do adventure!  CLICK HERE for specific details about this adventure and a list of things to see and do in Wallowa.

We welcome large groups; families, business team building, special interest,  schools etc. Visit our Reservation Info & Policies page for details regarding our reservation system and our cancellation policies.

Gail and Mavis

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