Joseph Branch Railriders

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Enjoy the unique experience of pedaling the inactive portion of the Historic Joseph Branch Railway in Oregon’s beautiful Wallowa Valley. Nature enthusiasts, bicyclists, and rail fans are sure to relish the peace and tranquility of one of two options or perhaps both.

Snow-capped peaks form the backdrop as you pedal past green pastures and red barns, on a track that was once used to transport lumber, cattle and grain to the Grande Ronde Valley and beyond. You will enjoy amazing views of the rugged Wallowa Mountains which are home to the Eagle Cap Wilderness, Oregon’s largest wilderness area. The lush Wallowa Valley is complete with natural meadows, cottonwood and pine trees, wildflowers and bubbling streams. Cattle and horses look up from their grazing. A pair of osprey call to you from their nest. Mule and white-tail deer bound through the grass and hide in the shade. You will be lulled by the sights, smells and silence of the countryside, while invigorated by the fresh air. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and pedal a railrider.


OPTION ONE is a 2 hour, 12-mile round trip from Joseph to Enterprise. Most guests are able pedal the average 1.5% grade back up to Joseph but our guide will provide a power assist  by request on the return trip. Tickets are $20, 12 years and older,  $10 (under 12). Young children are welcome to use a car seat if they can not reach the pedals and must be accompanied by an adult.

OPTION TWO is a 26-mile round trip 6 hour adventure that starts in Minam and travels a gentle 1% average grade to Wallowa then back. Option two is designed for the more adventurous and hearty folk. Tickets for the day excursion are $45 per person. Advance registration required.

FIVE DAYS A WEEK! The 2016 season runs May 21 through October 2, with trips available, five days a week, Thursday through Monday. For reservations, email or  call 541-910-0089. Tickets may be purchased at the ticket pavilion  located at 304 North Main Street, Joseph, Oregon, during the season. Reservations are encouraged for large groups or tight schedules.

New OREGON COAST RAILRIDERS.  Pedal Bay City to Tillamook for a two hour pedal powered excursion  through and over estuaries, historic rail road bridges and farm land.  Ideal way to check on the shore birds. You will find a taste of the Oregon Coast on the inactive portion of the Port of Tillamook Rail Road. Be sure to check out the Oregon Coast Scenic Excursion train that travels North of Garibaldi.  We travel South of Garibaldi and OCSR travels North, just in case you had a concern.  Oregon Coast Railriders, Permalink:


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  1. Those who enjoy the out of doors, nature, peace and tranquility plus the novelty of pedaling on an inactive railroad while riding the rails on a railrider rail bicycle are sure to enjoy this outdoor experience. Our recumbent style seats are adjustable to accommodate just about everyone. Two guests per railrider.
    Railroad enthusiasts might even hear a train whistle if they allow their minds some creative wandering. No doubt about it playing on this rail line is an awesome experience.

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