River Escape

  • Minam - Grande Ronde

  • Up To 4 Hours

  • 20 Mile Round Trip

  • 15 Guests Per Trip

  • $60 / Guest     $30 / Jump Seat

  • Departs from Minam at 9 AM & 2 PM

  • Friday & Monday

  • Our New 2PM Departure Time Is Now Available

About this trip...

Enjoy this peaceful pedal through a timbered canyon alongside the tumbling Wallowa River. With amazing landscapes, plenty of fresh air, and a good possibility of wildlife sightings this trip is absolutely breathtaking. Keep your eyes peeled for birds, marmot, deer, elk, and maybe even a bear, it's wild out there.

Your adventure begins near the famed Minam Store at the confluence of the Wallowa and Minam Rivers and your midpoint is just across a
towering trestle at the confluence of the Wallowa and Grande Ronde Rivers, a spot that used to be home to an old logging town named Rondowa.

Once you arrive at your midpoint you'll enjoy a 30 minute rest overlooking the river from nearby the trestle or you may take a short trail down to the rivers edge. It's a perfect opportunity to relax and eat a snack / lunch that you pack in.

💡 Important Tips
Our Minam trips have a gentle grade and are pedal powered only, there is no electric assistance.
A relaxed pace is key. Our Minam trips are doable by most people and it's rare for someone to struggle if you take your time.
To put it into perspective: It's gentle enough that your guide pedals by themselves most days.
Guests with an average physical fitness level enjoy this adventure most.

We provide an outhouse restroom for our guests to use at our midpoint, please understand that our remote toilets are very difficult to get in place and are rarely if ever cleaned during the season so please don't expect 5 star facilities by any means, but it beats going in the woods any day.

Review the following prior to booking

This trip departs from Minam, Oregon.

Visit our Minam Directions page for a map, landmarks, and common travel times.

Minam trips must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.
However, a time slot within our 24 hour cutoff may have seats available even though it says "full".
Please Contact Us to find out, we might be able to fit you in.
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Groups larger than two will be split between multiple Railriders
If your group is odd numbered, one person will share a Railrider with your guide or a new friend.
Prefer a solo car? - You'll need to book an extra ticket to make your party even to reserve a private Railrider if so desired.

Children ages 13 and up may ride together on their own Railrider
A responsible adult must be present on the trip.

Safety Reminder: There is a 300lb / 136kg weight limit per each seat.
This is a limitation of our equipment and to ensure your safety it is a rule we cannot bend.
Standard Seats
  • Our standard Railrider seats is what you get when you book a $60 ticket

  • Most children 8 years+ can properly reach the pedals, Children ages 4 to 7 may use these seats and will ride along without pedaling

  • These seats have lap style seat belts

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult

    How to Book:

    Select the number of tickets needed for your group on the 1st page during booking

    To avoid double booking:  If you need a Jump Seat for your child(ren) do not book $60 tickets for them, only add the jump seats needed.

Add On Jump Seat
  • Non-Pedaling add on seat for Children ages 2 - 7

  • Add 1 or 2 Jump Seats to one of our Two Seat Railriders

  • We have up to 2 Jump Seats available per Minam trip and only one car they can attach to

  • 5-point or lap style seat belt depending on child size

    How to Book:

    Jump Seats will be offered on the 2nd page during booking. If you don't see one, they are not available for the trip

    To avoid double booking:  If you need a Jump Seat for your child(ren) do not book $60 tickets for them, only add the jump seats needed.

Rescheduling Policy

Booking changes must be made at least 48 hours prior to your trip or your booking will remain as booked. Be sure you book the correct number of cars for your party. Booking errors are costly and will not be refunded.

Additional Policy Details

Inclement Weather Policy

We will operate in light rain. We have had many fun trips on days with predicted rains. The weather changes rapidly and much of the predicted precipitation tends to stick to the mountains.

Inclement Weather Procedures

In the event of foul weather we will start with a 15 minute delay and continue with delays in 15 minute intervals up to one hour until it clears. If it does’t clear we will be forced to cancel and attempt to reschedule the trip.

Weather Refunds

We reserve the right to cancel outings for any reason. If this happens we will make every effort to work with you to find an alternative time or date for you to enjoy Railriding. If we cannot make that happen we will issue a full refund.

Additional Policy Details

Cancellation Policy

For Small Groups (less than 10)

Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to your trip to receive a refund.

For Large Groups (10 or more)

Cancellations must be made at least 72 hours prior to your trip to receive a refund.

Any approved cancellations made inside of these windows will receive a credit in the form of a gift card for future use.

Extenuating Circumstances

We are a family run human company, extenuating circumstances will be addressed on a case by case basis.

We understand there is sometimes a need to cancel or adjust bookings, that’s life, but things like same day cancellations and no shows often prevent others who may want to go from having an opportunity to do so. We try to keep our policies fair but we also strive to limit these occurrences as much as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Additional Policy Details

When We Won't Ride

We generally are able to operate in most conditions with the exception of the following:

  • Thunderstorms, any sign of localized lighting
  • Heavy rain (not very enjoyable and we loose traction)
  • Wet conditions in weather colder that 45 degrees (not enjoyable)
  • Heavy fog
  • Smokey conditions where the air quality index is above 150: Unhealthy level or higher
  • Extreme winds or dust storms

Essentially it comes down to insuring the safety of everyone and making sure your Railriding experience is memorable for all the right reasons.

Additional Policy Details

Late Arrivals, No Shows, Booking Errors

Late Arrivals

Like a train, we run on a set schedule. Your instructed arrival time allows for check-in, safety orientation, and seat adjustments. We cannot wait, we will leave at our scheduled time.

No-Call No-Show

If you simply do not show up by the time your trip departs, or at all, you are NOT ELIGIBLE to reschedule or receive a refund.

Booking Errors

If you make a booking error and overbook your trip you will not receive a refund for unused cars/seats. These errors cost our company potential guests who may have wanted to go and couldn't. Underbooking We do not hold cars aside for walkups. If you underbook for what your party needs there is a likely possibility that we won't have enough space for everyone to ride. We will not refund the items already booked if this happens.

Additional Policy Details

Don't be late, Arrive 10 minutes prior to your departure time

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Complete your booking first.
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Your waiver must be completed prior to your trip.

Trip Specific Questions

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Who is this trip for?

This is the one if you want to get away from it all. You can say goodbye to the world as you won’t have cell service for more than 99% of your journey. If you love a variety of birds this trip typically delivers.


Typically guests with at least an average fitness level will enjoy this trip most.  If you are someone who enjoys a good hike then you will do just fine on this trip.


 We have a 300lb weight limit per seat.

What are the different times of the season like?

All times of the year are great. But if you have certain sensitivities to rainy weather, heat, cold, or crowds you may want heed this advice.



The beginning and end of season may be rainy. If you come in May, early June, Late September and October expect there to be a higher chance or rainy days. We do have some pretty fun trips in light rain but if potentially getting wet and sometimes cold and wet isn’t your thing then you might want to work with us to find a dry day to ride.

On the flip side, late June, July, and August is typically dry and warm/hot. We usually only get a stretch of days up to a week of temps north of 100 degrees.


Sensitivities to Heat / Sun

If traveling during our summer months we encourage you ride our morning or evening trips. Always remember to hydrate and use sun protection.


Sensitivities to Cold

We have scheduled our season with this in mind offering only our mid-day trips during the cooler parts of the season so the trips are more comfortable. However there are sometimes some cool / cold days that sneek in in May, early June, and again in September. We encourage you to book during the middle of the day if cold is uncomfortable during these times of year.



The beginning and end months of our season typically have less people on our trips if crowds are a concern. However we never have more than 30 people on our attraction. 


Bonus Tip

The early months of the season offer spring blooms, and the later months offer fall colors both of which are a little extra icing on an already awesome slice of cake.

What happens on the trip?


You will depart as a group at your scheduled start time. You will generally get some space in between Railriders as you travel between your start and midpoints.

This trip is nearly flat with a max of .5% grade. It has a mix of slight ups and downs.


Restroom Break

Around 7 miles in you will come to our outhouse. You may stop and use the restroom here if need be.

Note our remote toilets are very difficult to get in place and are rarely if ever cleaned during the season so please don’t expect 5 star facilities, but it beats going in the woods.



At our midpoint you may carefully get off of your Railrider.

This is a great time to eat a snack or an early lunch. This break will be 30 minutes. This is a good time let your guide know if you need a seat adjustment.

Depending on the river conditions you may be able to walk down to the rivers edge to get a closer look and take a breather while your guide turns your Railriders around.


Return Leg

Now you are energized for your return trip but remember a gentle pace is key, take it easy and the ride will be easier.


Restroom Break

Around 3 miles out from the midpoint you will come to our outhouse again. You may stop and use the restroom here if need be.


Home Base

Congratulations you made it! If you are heading to Joseph checkout our souvenir shop and museum area in our depot at 501 W. Alder St.

Don’t forget to share pictures and stories of your adventure with friends and family.

Now it’s time to decide which trip to conquer next. They are all special in their own way.

What should / may we bring?

There will be no opportunity to buy food or drink until the end of your trip so you’ll have to bring what you need.

There is a basket onboard so there is room for some essentials.

Note: If you use jump seats your storage space will be limited, make sure you have bags with straps you can hang them by.


First and foremost should be hydration.

*remember the more you bring the more you pedal


Essentials you should bring

  • Water / Sports Drink (every seat has at least one cup holder that will fit a standard 20 ounce water bottle)
  • Lunch / Snacks (You will have a 30 minute rest break. You may pack a picnic lunch or snacks)
  • Weather Protection (sun hat, sunscreen, rain gear, jacket, etc.) Please research your riding conditions so you come prepared.
  • Picture Taking Apparatus (Camera, cellphone, goPro, whatever you have there’s a lot to capture)


Nice things to have

  • Binoculars
  • Small snacks
  • Small soft sided cooler
  • Smiles
  • Fun stories
  • A treat for your guide


Tips for a fun trip
It can still be quite cool here in Wallowa County in May and June and once September comes around it starts again so a jacket or windbreaker may be helpful.

We strongly urge the use of sun protection. The air is very clean here and we’re closer to the sun than you might be used to so take this sun protection tip to heart.

Even the shortest amount of time out without protection can lead to a quick sunburn.

What happens at the turn around point at the Grand Ronde confluence?

Your midpoint stop of 30 minutes at the confluence of the rivers is a great place to stretch your legs and eat a snack or an early lunch.

If river conditions are favorable, your guide will direct you to a pathway to get you down to the rivers edge for a closer view.

While you refuel and soak in the view your guide will turn around the Railriders for your return journey. They’ll let you know when it’s time to leave, don’t wander too far.

What does Minam have to offer?

Short answer, not much.

You will find a small convenience store, rafting service with rentals available, and a state recreation area nearby.

What does the nearby town of Wallowa have to offer?

If you are passing through Wallowa or want to see more sites you should really check out this neat little town.

Wallowa has food, water, restrooms, parks, motels, and an RV park. There are antiques, artwork, and rich history to be found here.

There is a small park for a picnic or several small cafés for lunch or dinner.

Need Help Finding Lodging? CLICK HERE

Things to see and do in Wallowa:
No Animals Permitted

There is no safe way to transport an animal onboard a Railrider.

It is also strictly prohibited in our use contract with the Railroad, so ultimately it’s out of our hands.

Local Pet Boarding

When will you not operate?

We generally are able to operate in most conditions with the exception of the following:


  • Thunderstorms, any sign of localized lighting
  • Heavy rain (not very enjoyable and we loose traction)
  • Wet conditions in weather colder that 45 degrees (not enjoyable)
  • Heavy fog
  • Smokey conditions where the air quality index is above 150: Unhealthy level or higher
  • Extreme winds or dust storms


Essentially it comes down to insuring the safety of everyone and making sure your Railriding experience is memorable for all the right reasons.

Please refer to our Policies page for weather related cancellation details and more.

Check-in Procedure
  • Arrive 10 minutes early (in Minam) See Map
  • Visit restroom if needed
  • Provide your name to crew member
  • Sign paper waiver if you did not sign online 
  • Listen to safety briefing
  • Get seat adjusted
  • Load your gear
  • Have fun!
Important safety information

Road Crossings

This trip is the only trip we offer that doesn’t have road crossings to worry about.



Be sure to begin hydrating a couple hours prior to your trip. Bring along some water or sports drinks.


Sun Protection

The sun can be very intense at times in Wallowa County. We urge you to please use sun protection.

We recommend sunscreen, large hats, & sunglasses.


Stings & Allergies

This is the outdoors and we have bees, wasps, hornets, as well as a variety of grasses & hay.

Please come prepared with your EpiPen and notify your guide of your allergy prior to riding.


Black Bear

We will be in bear country. Always keep an eye out, its a treat to spot one.

We have whistles on each car that you can use to startle a bear if needed. There will also be bear spray evenly spaced in the line of cars for emergency use.

Please practice your animal wrangling skills somewhere else. 



In the lower canyon you are in Rattlesnake territory. Always carefully look where you step.

You are not Steve Irwin so please don’t play with the snakes.


Seat Belts

A lap seat belt must be worn whenever your Railrider is in motion.

Seating Options

All Minam Round Trip units are two seat Railriders.


  • Both seats have the ability to pedal.
  • Pedaling is freewheel style, each side pedals independently .
  • You may rest while the other person pedals if needed.
  • Our Minam trips can be pedaled by a single guest.


Your guide typically pedals by themselves. If you are by yourself your guide would be happy to pedal with you to share the work and make the trip more enjoyable all around.