Oregon Field Guide pays a visit

The “short” filmed September 2014 by Oregon Field Guide, then aired February 2015.  Enjoy.

Joseph Branch Railriders was pleased to host a crew from OPB’s Oregon Field Guide recently, as the crew taped a future segment for the award-winning television program that focuses on Oregon’s amazing outdoors. Ed Jahn, producer, and Nick Fisher, videographer/editor, arrived mid-afternoon, Friday, September 12. They stopped by the store front on Joseph’s Main Street to introduce themselves, then scoped out the operation and along the route, filming as guests pedaled past.

Local Rotary Club members were the rail riders for the Saturday morning departure, following instructions that allowed the crew to acquire the live action shots they need to produce a several-minute segment. Filming continued all day Saturday, then took up again Sunday morning with a little time at the storefront where we sell the tickets. The crew shot lots of raw video footage which will be edited into a “short” that will be broadcast late March or April 2015.

“We are anxious to see the final product,” said Anita. “Ed predicts we will be very busy next summer.”