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There's not much better than the gift that keeps on giving.
What are you waiting for? Buy one already... This will be the awesome gift they remember.
Smiles guaranteed.

Gift Card Questions

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People who enjoy fun outdoor adventures.

No it does not expire. It's good for as long as we're around.  Which better be a long time...


Gift Cards will be assessed a $1 per month inactivity fee after 2 years of inactivity.

During the booking process for any of our Minam Trips, it will ask you for a gift card code if you have one. Which you will. Enter it and apply the value to your booking.

Sure thing. Reach out and we can help.

Use our contact form.


Not ready to gift it yet? No problem.


When you purchase the gift card, email it to yourself. Then you can print it off when you are ready.